OSRS: Mahogany Trees to level 99 — Stats, Info and more

Most people opting out of 1.5T or 2 Tick Woodcutting like to do Teak or Mahogany trees at level 50, if ever, to unlock the faster-to-99 method of Sulliusceps at 65 (while 2T Teaks are the best for experience rates).

However, most people forget that cutting Mahogany trees up to or at level 99 offers 375 to 450 Mahogany Logs per hour, for 45,000 to 48,000 xp/hr – with 300-400 Logs cut per hour cut from Level 50 up until that point (link: additional reading: OSRSWiki on logs cut pre-99).
A player hoping to profit from Woodcutting can expect to earn just ~140,000-154,000k gp/hr from their money making method. This document aims to increase the player’s yield of Mahogany Logs per hour, their profit from each log via additional processing of the materials, increase the effective value (to the player) of the logs in experience or GP, and increase their power within the market or related markets of the Mahogany Log.

(1.5t & 2t wc Guide) — How To 2 Tick Teaks on OSRS – Your Questions Answered!

This article/guide covers the methods involved in increasing the experience(/hr) rates for a few of the members-only skills; specifically, the “gathering” skills: Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing, Runecrafting (niche, used for Daeyalt​ Essence).
This covers some of the basics of “Tick Manipulation” in order to serve its purpose here.

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