“What Does ‘ToB’ Mean?” — Oldschool Runescape/League of Legends Runes/PvM Acronyms

You might’ve seen these three letters pop up in normal conversation between players, either on LoL or for OSRS, and being too afraid to ask for answers at the time, you turned to Google for help in understanding the full meaning of “ToB”.  

This article aims to cover everything you need to know about the Rune (League of Legends), PvM bossing activity (Oldschool Runescape), after un-shortening the phrase first to provide a quick answer to the question in case this is all you’re looking for.

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ToB (Rune) Meaning in League of Legends “TASTE OF BLOOD” Minor/Rune

You might’ve seen this on the various LoL Runes apps or websites which now seem to be everywhere such as for when you’re searching s11 Shaco Builds & Info (an AD assassin & one of the top Domination tree users) as an option for your page when running with Domination, being one of the minor/non-keystone picks. 

“ToB” stands for “Taste of Blood” in the context of League of Legends Runes. This is the answer to the lane-sustain issue most assassin champions had after the old “masteries” system was replaced, by offering a small heal every time damage lands on an enemy champion, on a short cooldown. 

ToB (PvM) Meaning for Oldschool Runescape “THEATRE OF BLOOD” (PvM/Bossing)

Chances are, if you’re hearing this acronym thrown around in conversation on OSRS, the people talking are high-level, end-game players discussing raids in some way. This is a newer, very high levelled, very high profit per hour PvM activity with high requirements and a need for multiple players to participate. 

“ToB” is short for “Theatre of Blood”, a PvM/Raids activity/minigame, in Oldschool Runescape. Fun fact about this activity: most of the mobs and lesser bosses are named after blood-related Hungarian or Greek words; most of them can even be put into Google Translate for the English word to be spat out! Don’t believe me? Check it out: “The names for many of the monsters in the raid mostly come from Eastern and Southeastern European words


More Information on the ToB Rune/Raid | PissGaming.zone

Oldschool Runescape Theatre of Blood
League of Legends Taste of Blood

Note there are no official requirements for this content, but the stats & gear required to complete the raid fully (especially so when going in solo) are basically maxed stats, BIS gear, and a ton of practise; according to this ToB Requirements Reddit thread asked by a curious Oldschool Runescape player, you’ll need 90+ combat stats, BiS gear (buyable), and almost every piece of untradeable kit (such as Elite Void, Dragon Defender) commonly used in the other other PvM activities, also. 


OSRS TOB Guides, Requirements, and Other Info

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League of Legends ToB Rune Page and Rune info
The Taste of Blood Rune as seen in the Mobafire Rune Page Builder

As mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article, the main reasons for running Taste of Blood are sustain- solving the problem of sustain in lane, which most assassins have due to their trading patterns in trying to lower their opponent down into lethal HP thresholds.
However, this section has been added to warn readers not to take this rune when running Jungle, such as the z+,5z Shaco Jungle Build, as Taste of Blood does not work with monsters, which give healing anyway (through omnivamp), and for Jungle Runes on champions which run domination, sudden impact or cheap shot are much better alternatives to ToB. 

Conclusion: “What Does ‘ToB’ Mean?” – Oldschool Runescape/League of Legends Runes/PvM

That just about wraps out our weekly article, today covering both Oldschool Runescape and League of Legends. For more, see the relevant pages, embedded links, or the comments; you can also leave your own feedback, or start a conversation we won’t miss a single one!

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