Theoatrix Drama – Quick Rundown on his Reddit & Twitter (Mental) Breakdown


Theo is on a three days long breakdown on Twitter, which has sparked discussion about the popular YouTuber’s mental health among the majority of members within the Oldschool Runescape community, including big names (other YouTubers, streamers, ex J-mods whether it’s to show their support for him voicing his opinion, to announce their unfollowing of his Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, or to be rage-blocked by Theoatrix himself. Of course, /r/2007Scape Reddit threads are being made to cover the Theoatrix drama which at the time of writing this, is still going strong (but all according to his master plan according to Theoatrix), with no signs of stopping any time soon.

Here’s what could gather on the current happenings of Theo on Twitter, his mental health, breakdown, and a quick rundown on the Theoatrix drama. 


Basically, theoatrix went full SJW/simp towards Oda breaking his Golden Gnome. [He] Started flaming youtubers, complaining about jagex with the "you guys exist cuz of this game" excuse and [spread] real toxic comments everywhere Tweet
Odablock Throwing Out/Breaking His Golden Gnome: Theoatrix Social Media Response
A summary of what happened leading up to this Twitter meltdown, not including his personal life such as his ex-girlfriend, Bitcoin/money, cars, etc:
  1. Oda was gifted subs to chuck his golden gnome through an open window and it broke (15 dollar gold spray-painted gnome)
  2. Theoatrix had a mental breakdown, attacking every content creator in the end (aka Sick Nerd “Sick Turd”, Skiddler – all actually really nice and friendly guys)
  3. Basically, he said he’d get rid of the toxicity in the community, but we had to give him 2 years; 20 minutes after he claimed to be acting toxic to fight… toxicity (?)
  4. He’s not making a lot of sense, and he was “going to leave twitter” but has been tweeting nonstop for 17hours, plus:
  5. He banned a ton of people, and he drives an old gold wrapped Audi that he claims to have bought with bitcoin. The community are worried for the mental health of Theoatrix


YouTube HD Thumbnail: Video Format Theoatrix Twitter Breakdown
Source: | Kaoz RS: "Twitter VS Theoatrix (Odablock Golden Gnome Drama)"
“Who is OdaBlock?”, and “What is the Theoatrix Twitter Mental Breakdown?”

Odablock is an autistic staker streamer hailing from California, who’s constantly in debt from staking. Being no saint himself, often being talked about within the circles of the High Level Community for his in-game Oldschool Runescape activity, or on his OSRS staking stream over on – it’s no real surprise that someone like Theoatrix would have a problem with Odablock, and an outburst happening on some neutral grounds (the social media websites, now revealed to be Twitter) was sure to happen eventually. Theoatrix claims through his Tweets, that the Golden Gnome award given to Odablock by Jagex is a prestigious award, and should’ve been treated with more respect.
When an ex Jagex Moderator stepped in (a current Mod, JagexLight, commented on the drama too over on this/r/2007scape Reddit Thread), Theoatrix stood his ground, much to the criticism of the community.

The full /r/07scape thread can be found embedded below: 


You can find Odablock on Twitch [here] and on Social media, his socials linked in the icons below. 

With Theoatrix taking the Tweets made during these last two weeks down, there isn’t much else to dig through. But, I hope this article has provided the quick rundown on the @Theoatrix Twitter drama as promised, leaving you more informed on this YouTuber’s social media outburst via Piss_Gaming. 
Remember, before  you make any comments or attacks on Theo over the internet, that Oldschool Runescape content creators have a lot of weight to bear, a lot of work to do, and a lot of pressure to make that work presentable for the viewers and ever-watching public eye. These types of character-building moments (if Theo plays his cards right) are bound to happen in the Z-List celebrity lifestyle, and the same to Odablock. An important rule you should follow, as I know most of you are Reddit, is to remember the human. 

I’ll leave you with the YouTube channel of Theoatrix. Thanks for reading; I don’t want to take up too much space in saying this, but I do appreciate your click, read (or scim through), and acknowledgement. Feel free to leave a comment, here on Piss_Gaming, or Twitter @atPiss_Gaming! 

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