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This guide will cover every detail of (levelling) the Crafting skill. This includes how much Crafting costs in OSRS, how long it’ll take, why you should train this specific skill, and what you gain from reaching level 99. I’ll try to include a variety of methods whilst guiding you to help make Crafting and the rewards for reaching the highest possible level (99) accessible for all, regardless of the amount of time and money the reader does or does not have for/in Oldschool Runescape.
Let me begin by saying that this is one of the best skills in the game – not because of what you can do with it – no; monsters usually drop the finished products you might want much earlier into the game (Ironman), way before you’ll be training the skill, and the craft-able weapons and armour you can use on a main are easily attainable on the Grand Exchange for cheap. The Crafting Skillcape is S+ tier, and its Perk is of the most useful Perks in game. With a nice looking colour-combo (Grey/Yellow) and a free teleport that’s the most near to a bank of all methods of banking in-game, this is THE skill you should want to train. This guide shows you how… 
Crafting Guide to Access The Skillcape Teleport & Guild, in Oldschool Runescape

To talk about the Skillcape teleport a little bit more before diving into the methods of actually levelling the skill: this Cape of Accomplishment and its most useful Perk, a right-click (wearable) teleport to the Crafting Guild, puts you closest (of all the teleports in game currently, 2021, and since 2020, even 2019 and before!) to an Oldschool Runescape bank for free, without using up your Runes, Tele-tabs, or Scrolls, as many times as you’d like per day. It’s also one of the few Skillcapes left which can be seen as a ‘status symbol’ by many, going on (still) unobtained by the majority due to its cost or time to acquire, and negative stigma attached to levelling Crafting.

And while I have said that the skill doesn’t offer much unless you go all the way to 99, accomplishing the highest possible level, in PvM and the Grand Exchange devaluing the finished products, it does allow the player to complete certain diaries. Many players swear by Quests, Diary rewards, and some offer the best experience rates in the game via their unique areas/in their rewards unlocked by completing the Oldschool Runescape Achievement Diaries & Quests. The minimum level required for all of these to be completed are: 70 Crafting – Monkey Madness II, and 85 Crafting – Barbarian Training. 

You can’t use the Mushroom Pie or Spice Boosts to reach the required level for a Skillcape, so players can’t cheat by Boosting Crafting levels to quickly make use of the teleport before it expires. You’ll have to make use of this levelling guide, or some other guide, for the cape, so I think a great place to quickly get started would be at Dailies you can use to cheese some cheap/free crafting experience.

The Oldschool Runescape Crafting Temporary Skill Boosts, Best Ones Highlighted in Red (Orange Stew/Mushroom Pie)
The Oldschool Runescape Crafting Temporary Skill Boosts, Best Ones Highlighted in Red (Orange Stew/Mushroom Pie)
A Daily Activity To Use For Free/Cheap Crafting Experience (Zaffs’ Battlestaves)

Many people know of and use Zaff for his daily Battlestaves (Zaffs’ Staffs), which offers players a set amount of Battlestaves (a Staff with no Orb attached) at discounted rates each day, based on the tier of Varrock Achievement Diary the player has completed. This is how you make Staves on OSRS, and it can be very rewarding for you to do so, for simply knowing how (as covered here on Piss_Gaming). These tasks aren’t hard to complete and are very much recommended as a TODO entry to complete ASAP, no matter how early or far into Oldschool Runescape a person is. 

Selling these Discounted Battlestaves on the Grand Exchange is a viable money making method for many, but you may also consider using them to cheese a little bit of cheaper Crafting experience each day, by attaching Air Orbs to the Battlestaves, before selling. There is little cost, and often profit, in doing this, and can help ease the strain on your bank by doing so. Though it will take a while to reach level 99 this way, and those looking to train Crafting quicker, even for cheap, may consider the following options… Such as (D’Hide Bodies, Glassblowing, etc). See the next section for more. 

Most players opt into making Staff of Air’s with Air Orbs -> (used on) Battlestaves. Though Staff of Fire’s are more useful in many cases outside of Crafting, such as in Magic training, the Staff of Air is the most profitable way to Craft Staffs for players making use of Zaff. 


(Profit/Low Cost) Slow/AFK Levelling Method 1: Unpowered Orbs /Glassblowing

How To:
To make Unpowered Orbs on OSRS, simply use a Glassblowing Pipe on Molten Glass (the shortcut key for making Molten Glass -> Unpowered Orbs is “6” for your first cycle, and “SPACEBAR” for each one after that) for 52.5 Crafting Experience each Unpowered Orb, unlocked after level 46.
This method of training is cheap, AFK, and Ironman-Friendly; though Ironmen might want to blow the Molten glass into U. Orbs using the official Ironman method of Levelling Crafting after collecting their daily buckets of sand from Bert for long enough. Otherwise, I.E. for main accounts, using this method from the lowest possible required level of 46 all the way through to level 99 requires 246,980 actions, costing around 25m GP – a low price for levelling Crafting, albeit a very slow one which should be used only if other (better) methods aren’t an option.

Air Battlestaff Method of Crafting Training in OSRS – Method 2 How To:

(Better Method) – How To: 
Making (Battlestaves) Air Battlestaff’s is a better way of training Crafting even without Daily Bstaves from Zaffs’ Staffs, taking far less time to train for costing more GP – currency being more easily obtainable than the finite time we have to play Oldschool Runescape. Level 66-99 with Air Battlestaff’s requires just 91,187 actions, costing 33,100k – a mere 8m more than the “Unpowered Orbs” method for far less actions

(Low Cost) Fast/Multi-Skill Levelling Crafting Method 2: Green D’Hide Bodies

Another path players take for levelling their Crafting stat on OSRS is the “Craft D’Hide bodies” method. Green, Black Dragonhide Bodies provide some of the quickest Crafting experience in the game, but this is the most costly. The GP cost can be offset slightly, by “High-Alching” the finished (Green D’Hide) product, hence the “Multi-Skill Levelling” (now to gain Magic Experience) title for this guide (Piss_Gaming). Dragon Hide Leather Bodies offer the most experience per unit made, and are recommended over the other options you have for crafting Ranger armour.

  • Green D’Hide Bodies (Method) Guide

Tanned Green Dragonhide can be made into Green D’Hide Bodies at level 63, 3 levels before Air Battlestaff’s are unlocked, by using a Needle & some thread on three leathers for 186 Crafting experience per one unit made. Doing so nets a total loss of 449 GP for each Green D’Hide body made. 
Reaching level 99 from the earliest possible start of 63 requires 68k bodies being made, for a total cost of 30m GP.

However, the High-Alch trick allows this 30m cost (of 449 GP per) for the cape to be cut in half, down to around 200GP per Green D’Hide Body made with the added benefit of Multi-Skill experience to be gained, both Magic and Crafting. Bear in mind, High Alchmeny and its use with this Crafting method is F2P accessible, so you can complete this process even if the bond/your mombership runs out before you can fully alchemise your stack. This mult-skill method brings the total cost of 99 Crafting down to just 13.5M GP.  

(High Cost) Fastest Crafting Levelling Guide Method 2.5: Black D’Hide Bodies

Those looking to train using the absolute most quickest (viable) way will look to Craft Black D’Hide Bodies (known also for being the best Ranger armour in the game) at level 84 . Exactly like its slower, lower equivalent, the “Green Dragonhide Body”, the Black version uses three pieces of leather per body, a needle, and some thread. 

However, while the green Dragonhide Body method nets (a whopping) 250k xp/hr, to Craft Black D’Hide Body’s offers an INSANE 430k Crafting experience per hour.

  • Black D’Hide Method (Guide)

While this method is the best way to train for level 99 (and the Cape of Accomplishment/Crafting Skillcape reward), each Black D’Hide Body costs over 2300 GP to make – and with 39k of them to Craft to reach level 99, that’s a total cost of almost 90 Million GP… So readers be aware that this method is only for those players with money to burn and experience to gain!


Wrapping Up: Closing Thoughts, Notes, Bonus Method, This Piss_Gaming Guide
The 99 Crafting Cape and its perk - Unlimited Teleports to a very near bank for free!


Before finishing this Piss_Gaming OSRS Crafting Guide off I would like to thank the reader for taking the time to go through the article – hopefully finding a method which suits them, to go on and unlock the Skillcape eventually. I’d like to do so by offering a method of training that was shared with me, and the rest of the OldschoolGeneral Clan Chat, by our very own OSG “Stay High” AKA “Caged Jamal” and his thoughts on Crafting Training: 

Sapphires (Cutting Gems) offers Crafting experience at just 1.5 gp/xp - And you should ALWAYS be stocking up on Sapphires when the price dips, to lower this even more. This method is very viable for all, and everyone should consider using it


So with this, and the reader having yet another option for training this skill on Oldschool Runescape – Either quickly or for cheap, sometimes both – I’ll have to leave you until the next article. 
Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below, good or bad. Your Feedback will help future Piss_Gaming articles offer better and more helpful content based on what the reader likes; that is, after all, what we’re here for! 

Thanks again for reading & we hope to see you in the next article one week from now. Mark the date! 

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