OSRS Construction Levelling Guide — The ONLY Three Methods You Need to Know FAST

This guide will cover everything you need to know in a short- but sweet- article that’ll reveal every bit of info you need for getting started levelling Construction, without making you read about the training methods that only 1% of the playerbase will ever use. This means I’ll cover the three best methods of training, being suitable for all readers, in offering a section of the three-part Construction Guide up to be dedicated to the methods of levelling the skill based on being the: Cheapest (but slowest) method; Ironman Account Method; and the Fastest (most expensive) method.

Ready to level the Construction Skill in OSRS? Read on!



Mahogany Planks bought for 90 Construction - Training
Ready to level the Construction Skill in OSRS - With the Mahogany Planks required for level 70-90 training
Let’s get started: Oldschool Runescape Construction Skill Guide by Piss_Gaming
Getting started with Construction: a short introduction for free/fast experience before you start training. 
There are a few useful quests to have completed in general account progression, which grant Construction experience as part of their reward, to try and cheese some early levels before you get started with the skill with any of your own money. This is a great way for early-game players to save money, or train the skill and be more ready for activities like Wintertodt- which grants Construction experience for repairing the brazier if you have a PoH (Player-Owned House)- to benefit from the quests and skill training you should be doing for general account progression anyway. 
I’ll list some of these quests now, but for more information, you can check the full list of Construction boosts on the OSRSWiki, which offers a list of Quest Experience Rewards/Boosts for every skill in the game. You can find this, here: 


  • Tower of Life Quest: 1,000 Experience

This novice-level quest rewards the player with 2 Quest Points upon completion, allows the player access to a new minigame, and grants 1,000 Construction Experience, once you’ve finished the tasks this errand sets out for you. It’s good to do this quest now, as its low requirements and decent experience rewards are better for a lower-levelled player to gain, over someone with a lot of Construction experience already. Two Quest Points for an easy quest early on will benefit the player once the quests they want to do have QP requirements, too. 
 A related quest to the Tower of Life, which grants more experience, is the “Cold War” Quest. This rewards the player with 1,500 experience, but is a harder/longer quest with higher requirements. It’s up to the individual to decide whether or not they would like to do this quest. 


  • The Fremennik Isles Quest: 5,000 Experience

This quest has high requirements, takes a long time to complete, and is a “difficult” quest, far as quests go. However, It’s a huge unlock for future quests/unlocks and most players will do it anyway, eventually. It’s good to get this quest out of the way now for the 5,000 Construction experience reward it grants, before you get started with Construction. 
 Quests similar to this one are: “The Great Brain Robbery” and “Making Friends with My Arm” – You don’t have to do these- although completing them both will grant 4,000 Construction experience total. The requirements are, by high by lower-levelled player standards, difficult, with construction level requirements of 30 and 35, respectively. 


Are you ready to get started with training this buyable skill the proper way?

Once you have the PoH bought (from the Estate Agent, found in any major Oldschool Runescape city, Planks and Nails bought, with a Saw/Crystal Saw, Hammer in your inventory, and a Butler Purchased from Ardougne, you’re ready to begin levelling Construction: The Buyable skill, in any of the following Ironman/Cheap/Expensive methods. 


Construction Guide Method 1: Slow/Cheap Levelling – Oak Larders & Dungeon Doors

The cheapest (and so most popular within the OSRS Community) method is to use Oak Planks for Oak Larders, to unlock Oak Dungeon Doors for levelling the skill through to 99. This method of training costs just under 100m to reach level 99 (from the lowest possible level), while offering 400-550 thousand experience per hour. 

  • Oak Larders are unlocked at level 33, grant 480 experience, and cost 3,512GP (at the time of writing) to make. 
  • Oak Dungeon Doors are unlocked at level 74, grant 600 Construction experience, and cost 4,390GP (at the time of writing) to make. 

To reach the required level for Oak Doors (from 33), 2,246 Oak Larders must be made. With the above stats of the Oak Larder (above) used, we know that this’ll take 2,246 larders being made for a total cost of 7.8m GP. This method grants 480k experience per hour, to reach level 74 quickly. 

To reach level 99 Construction with Oak Dungeon Doors (level 74), 19,897 Oak Doors must be made for a total cost of 87.3m, a considerable increase now from the previous goal. This method provides 550k experience per hour, and so is a fast/easy skill even with the cheaper methods which lower the cost of the buyable down to under 100m. 


Guide Method 2: Ironman method of levelling Construction – Mahogany Homes
Info on Mahogany Homes Construction Levelling Post by Oldschool.Runescape.Com in their paragraph below.


The votes are in, and we’re happy to say that Mahogany Homes will be opening branches in Falador, Varrock, Hosidius and Ardougne this week!
In case you missed the design blog, heres the rundown: Mahogany Homes is a brand new, cost-effective way to train Construction outside of your Player Owned House. You’ll take on jobs at Mahogany Homes offices all over Gielinor building and restoring furniture and receive ample rewards in exchange. Easy-peasy, right?
Mahogany Homes is always on the lookout for qualified individuals, so if you’ve got what it takes, speak to founder Amy in Falador to get started.

Source: Oldschool.runescape.com blog post on Mahogany Homes 


This isn’t something a real OSRS account should be doing, but for Ironmen, Mahogany Homes can be a great way to train Construction without gathering a large amount of planks. This is their method, as they can’t use the Grand Exchange- and so, can’t buy Planks for Construction training like normal accounts/people- and need a way to level the skill without actually having the relevant resources to burn. Regular OSRS accounts looking to train the skill shouldn’t use this as a cheaper alternative, and should instead see the above “Oak Larders/Dungeon Doors” method, buying those planks for GP made through some Oldschool Runescape Money-Making Method instead. 

The full post on Mahogany homes: how they work, what it is, how to use them to train Construction, can be found in the above link through the Oldschool Runescape official website. But the general idea of Mahogany Homes is:

  • Take out a “Building Contract” from Mahogany Homes- by speaking to Amy
  • Completing the build by helping to construct a home for an NPC in their instanced PoH
  • Turn in the contract for resources/construction experience rewards. 

Ironmen can, like regular Oldschool Runescape Accounts, look to boost the skill for the quest rewards/higher tier contracts and tasks, using the relevant boosts for the skill. This is viable in some cases, and a player should look to boost their level if they’re close to a big breakthrough and believe that it’s worth it to temporarily increase their level for whatever is needed. 

#3: FASTEST OSRS Construction Levelling Guide: Most XP/Hr, Expensive Method

The fastest way to train this skill is by using Mahogany Planks for (Mahogany) Tables or (Mahogany) Benches, being the most costly method to train by far, as the construction of the Mahogany Tables/Benches uses up valuable materials each time you gain experience. Benches are a lesser known alterative to tables, this method covered thoroughly in Theoatrix.net Guide to Training Construction (linked),

  • A Mahogany Table costs (at the time of writing) 12,276GP to construct, and offers 840 Construction Experience 

This method of constructing Mahogany Tables offers around 900,000 experience per hour– very fast when compared to Oak Larders/Dungeon Doors, though even these cheaper methods using Oak Planks can be considered “quick skill training” in Oldschool Runescape, compared to other skills.  

To gain 99 Construction from the lowest possible level (52) using Mahogany Tables, you’ll need to make 15,370 Tables, costing (from the information above, and with prices correct at the time of writing this) 188m GP total. 

Players looking to gain ~90 Construction (to unlock most of the rewards, whilst using runes to teleport to their house, over the Skillcape being unboostable) may use this fast way of training to reach the level they need (just under halfway) for a relatively low cost of around 90m GP. 

Conclusion: Piss_Gaming Construction Guide, The Three Methods (Cheap / Fast)

This marks the end of our guide on training/levelling Construction in Oldschool Runescape, Covering the “slow + cheap”, “fast + expensive”, and Ironman methods of training the skill. We do hope you enjoyed this guide, and are able to find a Piss_Gaming guide on the other/future skills and activities you’d like to try and do in OSRS in the future. 

If you have feedback, as always, please leave it in the comments below. Good or bad, Your feedback about this article will help us publish better content in the future, to help players progress in-game easier, using everything can can offer to you! 
 Thanks for reading, we appreciate it a lot. 

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