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Runecrafting is often thought of as the least fun skill in the game, and as the communities least favourite-to-do activity, there’s no wonder everyone loves the Runecrafting “minigame”; Crafting Blood Runes is an AFK, profitable way to play OSRS for reaching level 99 Runecrafting— for the RC Cape, Max Cape, or for a quest requirement, usually— without sacrificing the enjoyment of Oldschool Runescape. 

In this article we talk about the metrics of this activity and the little tricks you can use to make it better, such as: 

  • How many Blood Runes you’ll get from level 77 to 99 RC
  • One-Click runes from Dense Essence to Altar and back
  • The OSRS engine mechanics and how they play a part in Blood Runecrafting

Blood Rune Altar Runecrafting Minigame Area, with tile markers for visual appeal
Blood Rune Altar Runecrafting Minigame Area, with tile markers for visual appeal
Mechanics/Optimal Loadouts for Blood Rune Altar Runecrafting Training (OSRS)

Since before the game OSRS was OS, before these methods of training, the community has been making ways of methods which involve a lot of running, better. And these optimizations carry over into the new game and its ways of training, listed here alongside some of the newer content which benefits you while training Runecrafting. 

Black Pickaxe and Mining Dense Essence

  • BIS due to its weight of 0kg and low requirements
Black Pickaxe High Detail
Black Pickaxe - BIS at Blood Rune RC


​Everything Else (Dragon, Infernal, Rune Pickaxes)

  • Becomes BIS when weight is not a factor in crafting Blood Runes & its running back and forth to/from the Runecrafting altar. Mining Level/Pickaxe Tier does not factor into this method of training.
  • This is also useful for carrying since the Shooting Stars update, as the event has a chance to spawn at the Blood Runecrafting Mining area

You may choose to use another Pickaxe, which might already be in your bank (Dragon/Infernal for mains, Runite for Ironman accounts, for example), for the convenience. You might also use a Bronze tier pickaxe for the fun of it— as you won’t normally be using it for anything else— an Iron tiered Pick as a Skiller— an account with 1 Attack— maybe even a Third Age Pickaxe, as yet another flex/for the fun of it. Keep in mind while choosing the pick you’ll use to mind dense essence that, the Dragon Special attack on the Dragon Pick (which provides a temporary level boost to Mining), doesn’t work here. 


Graceful Skilling Set and Run Energy

The Graceful set, which is acquired by training Agility, helps reduce your character weight like the Boots of Lightness & the Spottier Cape, but also regenerates run quicker at a set percentage as its unique bonus. With the great deal of running that Runecrafting involves, for running to/from the altar and Rune Essence pick-up area, it’s beneficial to look for clothing such as these to avoid having to walk to the next area for less xp per hour gained from your time in game. 


Restoring Run Energy and Prayer Drain

For turning the Dense Essence into Blood Runes, each use of the Altar in this area depletes Prayer points, so the restore run energy Prayer cannot be used in the downtime between Actions for very long. This is why it’s so important to keep weight low and AFK high, so you don’t have to run out of energy without being able to have this Prayer running to negate some of this fact. 

You might choose to chip away at the Dark Essence Block (to create the fragments) while standing still, to conserve run energy, a valid way of solving this problem and with the benefit of having more downtime to do other things while your Oldschool Runescape plays itself. 

This takes us into the next section: the tips and tricks of Blood Runecrafting which aim to make the activity easier or more AFK, quicker, and better.

OSRS Quick Prayers Interface for Run Recovery
"Rapid Run Recovery" Prayer - Beneficial to Blood Runecrafting? Read on to find out why not...
OSRS Prayer Status 0 Prayer Bar
Prayer Drain from Crafting Bloods can be seen from the status bar.
“Clicks and AFK” at the Blood Rune Crafting Area

As the designated way of training this skill AFK, it’s best to try and find the smaller and more hidden mechanics the Oldschool Runescape developers have left unpatched, which allow the least amount of time having to click/wait and watch the OSRS screen to instead focus your attention elsewhere, more. And these tips allow you to do so, and with no additional player skill requirements either, as the actions are built into muscle memory over the 300 or so hours it takes to go from 77 Runecrafting to 99. 

Clicking the Dense Essence Blocks at the altars (fundamentals): 
There is a slight delay between converting the Dense blocks into fragments, and fragments into Blood Runes, at either of the altars, where clicks made in the delay won’t properly register and don’t automatically start the chain of converting everything in the inventory into the next required material. 

And there is a lesson learned here before the solution is worked out. Clicking one Dense Essence block (to use with a chisel) starts the process of automatically converting all blocks in the inventory into the stackable fragments, which are used to create Blood Runes later. Clicking the block > chisel repeatedly does the conversation instantly, every time, and it’ll process the materials as fast as you can click. Note that the fragments are stackable, while the blocks are not, a piece of information that we’ll use in another tip later. 
The solution for this tick delay when using the blocks/fragments on an altar is clicking twice as the action is performed. This will create the fragments once without starting the chain on the first click, while the second starts the process of converting everything in your inventory. 

One-Click OSRS Runecrafting Methods

OSRS Blood Runecrafting - Fully Zoomed-Out

Want to click less to run back and forth while training, but don’t want your Oldschool Runescape client to look like this? 

Image Source: 

There are small “spots” on the map in which you can click to travel long distances, and a spot for running from the Blood Rune Altar back to the slope which takes you back down to the Dense Essence mining area. Screenshots have been included down below for easy tile marking on the places you need to click in order to travel the long distances between each obstacle, using Runelite. You don’t need to enable the GPU plugin for an uglier client just to click once in this activity. 

The distance between the Dark Altar and the higher ledge can be seen, while the path between the two points cannot; it is, however, safe to click on this ledge while your character stands at the altar to cover this distance, and doing so leads to a great deal of AFK time with less clicking and margins of error by going through the entire path yourself. There is no time loss for doing this, and over the hours you’ll spend at the “RC Minigame” area, it might just end up saving a few misclicks too. 

Blood RC Altar-marked
Runelite (OSRS) Camera Position and Tile Markers for One-Click Runecrafting


Position your character on the tile shown, have the camera facing the same way with the panning set upwards as far as it’ll go (done by holding the “UP” arrow key) and set a tile marker (by holding SHIFT and right clicking > mark tile on Runelite) on the leftmost red square shown in the screenshot above. 

Clicking this tile from the Blood Altar has you not move your mouse for the next action as your character runs towards the slope, eventually moving the camera over and allowing you to click and set it going down to the Dense Essence mining area without having to reposition the mouse. You have to be standing in the same spot as I am here in the image, so when moving from the higher ledge through to the Blood altar in one click, by clicking the small section of land which can be seen naturally on the way to your destination, from the first Dense Block altar, you must catch your character by clicking on the altar before it runs its full course over to the spit of land you clicked to arrive. 

Additional Runelite (Oldschool Runescape Client) screen/object markers to use: 
Another benefit of Runelite, which often goes overlooked in the places it can help, is the ability to tag objects. This benefits Blood Runecrafting as the marked objects are only highlighted in the form you tagged them as, so by marking the Dense Essence rocks while they’re ready to mine, the outline will disappear when they’re not. This highlight (usually bright yellow) allows the player a quick glance at the screen whenever they can, offering more quick reference information about the situation. 
Yellow = It’s fine, no actions needed, No highlight = Action is required. If you know where you’re standing, you know whether or not your character is mining, without having to pay much attention. 

“What’s the Correct way to collect dark essence and create Blood Runes?”

A filter many new Runecrafters go through with this method is knowing the proper route for the area.

The correct route to take (from mining Dense Essence Blocks > Crafting Blood Runes) is as follows: 

Mine Dense Essence Blocks at The Rock > Create Dark Essence Blocks at the Altar, Chip into Fragments > Run back, Mine more Dense Essence > Create Dark Essence Blocks at the Altar, and Run to The Blood Altar > Craft Blood Runes, Chip the Blocks into Fragments, Craft more Blood Runes > Return to the Mining Area & Repeat

​This is the best way to path at the Blood Runecrafting area. More trips between the mining area and first altar would be preferred, but the fragments aren’t infinitely stackable. The developers have done this so people can’t do all of the mining in one part to use the altar for a huge experience drop in one tick, as it would  break the time-based highscores for Runecrafting, overall, and potentially much more. 

Conclusion: Mechanics/Optimal Loadouts for Blood Rune Altar Runecrafting Training (OSRS)

With this article coming to a close, we hope the information, tips, and tricks given on this training has been covered in enough detail to allow the reader an edge over the other players they compete against, in both total level count/quickness of training Runecrafting and profit gained for their time spent at the computer. 

These helpful little tricks have been conjured up during my time training the skill to almost 20 million total experience, so a lot of time has gone into thinking about the ways training Runecrafting could be made easier, and not to forget the players of Old Runescape putting together their optimizations through countless hours of training before training via Blood Runes was an option. 

If you have any feedback, good or bad, or want to let us know how you feel about reading this article, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment to do so. Your opinion has a lot of value to us, feedback is the greatest tool a website like ours could have, so don’t feel like you will go unappreciated for leaving a comment. 

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