[OSRS] – Pure Essence Stack | 1-2 GP & Unknown/Positive Stack Cost

Note: This is an early draft of a post on an item "Pure Essence" on Oldschool Runescape
 It is no-where near done, but it will be finished later on some-day. 
 It is being published now, as the prices of Pure Essence are changing
, mostly, in a good way. They are healing, meaning that, they are going
back up to 2-3GP margins. When this post began, they were at (dropped)
1-2GP margins. But this change in price changes how I will play this
out. This post is therefore archived until further notice - for, say:
if the Pure Essence item drops back down to 1-2GP ea margins. 

 The steps taken thus far have been ones that I would call good; and
though it's a bit of a shame that I can't explore fully, this act of 
the market, profit has been taken from the actions I have performed  
in trying to fix this stack, once this extra (cheaper @ 1-2GP ea) 
Pure Ess is sold at the new prices. This post will be continued 
at a later date, once I move the stack again with the new prices. 

For our content on: “OSRS Runecrafting”, see Blood Runes RC Method by PissGaming

I have been putting into effect movements from “within and between” some stacks in-game; their volumes of/and values of, both my own, and of the G.E. are to be changed | subject of this content, being: “How the – What is – Pure Essence stack will change and Why” as I leave this to be done.

This stack, in the few, and as a whole, has a cost of unknown. The stack will be broken down into some parts based on when they were kept (bought/sold) and at what price – from (the update nearest to the time of this writing) the introduction of a tax to the G.E. of Runescape, to the change closest to the beginning (early-on into this year 2021) – the tax failing to harm the Pure Essence, and the main change which occurred in my time with the item being the change in value [margins] 2-3 to 1-2 GP. I’ll lay-out how I’ve primed this item to succeed in its primary goal, that being to have an “effective cost” of “0” GP in the bank, and go on to talk about the secondary goal afterwards. I care less about the secondary goal however, it being to have the item reach 2-3 GP margins again on the G.E., although it would be nice for this to happen; this is made possible due to the main goal of this item being unfinished, the effective cost being unknown (greater than 0), until the item has been done in its entirety and in one swoop.

The first stack of Pure Essence is a ~ 2197-000 amount of, (a mix of) Pure Essence kept as product from profits when margins were 2-3 GP, and product bought for 2 GP and left unsold for 3 when the prices changed – (the majority being of) those costing 2 GP, held to be worked on further. The stack as a whole is to be taken as having all-costed 2 GP as the majority is, as such. The Pure Essence that were kept from profits exists within this stack but are taken as having costed 2 GP; This allows for this small amount of product to lower the overall cost of the stack in a very small amount (as a float), in fractions of a GP, without lowering the amount of product which cost the full amount/lowering the cost of the stack as a whole. This is the reason for it having all costed 2 GP, being that the full amount can have its value lowered to “0” – as a whole, in one swoop – then going below 0 GP cost and reaching this point first all with this float in effect, paying (in product) into other stacks of this item otherwise, found elsewhere & doing other things.

Pure Ess Stack (2197k) - subject of paragraph above
The ~ 2197k stack of Pure Essence


For the sake of doing so, let’s say that the amount of Pure Essence kept as product from profits was 19-700. This is the amount I would choose to use if I were to try and estimate the amount of Pure Essence costing less than 2 GP. 1-970 is too low, and 2-197 is too insignificant also. What this lower/insignificant %s of my number will serve as is (are) another float, and it will be used even if not consciously (such as with “rounding down” in the following paragraph); but it will be “lost” in the mass, potentially spawning another entity through a lack of close inspection. This is explained in the note below.
I have chosen this number, as 19-700 is a fair (and conservative) middle-ground between being, ~ 70% (21-000, my 21-970) of the 4-hour trading limit (30-000) – which cannot happen here, for my sake, as it does go above 70% (into mine) when counting the hundreds & tens, singles (“this” my 21-970) – this 1% of the item then being ~ 30% of the value of the 4-hour volume and-so being disposable or “belonging to” the Grand Exchange, which it can have – and, any lower than ~ 60% (19-000) of this 4-hour trading limit – which does not happen when the hundreds, tens, and singles are taken/kept – for, about ~ 30% of the value of the 4-hour trading limit belonging to the G.E. and the remaining > 70% favouring me/being mine.
 Also note the interaction of the number I have chosen, and having from the highest denomination “2” subtracted or taken from it. Over going with 2, as: 21-9… or 29-7… beginning at 1, where: the second number (9) could be moved up one denomination and added to the number, to reach the whole 30-000 with 21-000 + 9-000 and some overlap from the remaining digits to be “my” Pure Essence in the same ways as the above 70-30/60-40, in the ways which this product has moved, or (which could help the reader make sense of the previous statement), the opposite ways being “2” being subtracted from 21-… to reach 19-… “2” being subtracted from the next, “9”, to reach “7”. This, from what references this note above, are the beginnings of this creation of entities on lower levels; With this “1” being subtracted from “2” to reach “1”, again, from this part and working the same way, on the level above, in the safety of 60% being 18-000 in the (level of the) stack being rounded-up to 19-000 and working again downwards into the levels below this. 

This is also why it was important, in choosing a number, to be conservative. It is so there is tangible room for lower levels to go, before reaching numbers so close to “0” at a point in these levels that they in the lifetime of this item ever be noticed. 

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