(1.5t & 2t wc Guide) — How To 2 Tick Teaks on OSRS – Your Questions Answered!


This article/guide covers the methods involved in increasing the experience(/hr) rates for a few of the members-only skills; specifically, the “gathering” skills: Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing, Runecrafting (niche, used for Daeyalt Essence).
It’s done by making use of a mechanic called “Tick Manipulation” – whether it’s 3t, 1.5t, or the in-between and what we’re looking at today, “how to” 2 Tick Teaks and some of the other useful, related (Mahogany, Yew, Redwood) trees Keep reading to this article by Piss Gaming to learn everything there is to know about 2 Tick Woodcutting!
In-game recognition: 
This method is popular with Oldschool Runescape streamers like b0aty and Sick Nerd, who use tick manipulation to quickly level their new accounts to the base requirements of quests or new content. The viewers of such streamers see this and become curious, then seek answers on Google, ending up at the 2007scape Subreddit or OSRSWiki more often than not.


Woodcutting-99 1622984552
99 Woodcutting on Piss_Gaming! #8 reached 🙂
Information on: 2 Tick/1.5t wc Teaks – Your Questions Answered & The Method Explained

Readers should be aware this increase in experience/hr costs them the opportunity to AFK 99 woodcutting, and is a very click-intensive way to train even by the standards of other methods of Tick Manipulation. There’s no pressure to use this information, though normally, allowing your curiosity to turn into learning about a hobby is a good thing. We therefore believe this is a worthwhile read for those aware of the Tick System while also not being entirely knowledgeable on the mechanics therein, while more experienced OSRS players may find this information redundant outside of the 2 Tick Teaks Playlist we’ve included in these contents. 

Check the “Comments Section” to see if the 1.5 Teaks woodcutting playlist is currently live.


Experience Rates of 2t/1.5 Tick Teaks Woodcutting & other, alternative methods

To put this method into perspective with the other methods of training Woodcutting: Chopping each of the following trees at their required levels (and at the Woodcutting Guild whenever possible) with a Dragon/Infernal Axe, provides the following experience rates: 

  • Mahogany Trees: 45k xp/hr – Up to 55k per hour at level 90+ 
  • Yew Trees: 55k xp/hr – And around 75k GP/hr, as a (poor) bonus
  • Redwoods: 60-70k xp/hr – This is the fastest AFK Woodcutting Experience in Oldschool Runescape

These rates are about average for AFK training, and will be the same for almost any other skill in the game. People often look to 1.5t or even 2, 3 tick Redwood Trees in OSRS despite the content being in the game to serve as (very) high level content with great AFK experience rates. For those looking to train Woodcutting at EHP rates (the fastest Woodcutting experience in the game), seek to cut Teaks with Tick Manipulation methods – to 99, or even 90 to be allowed access to Zeah. 

  • 1.5t Teak Trees experience per hour: Upwards of 200k (xp/hr) with herb/tar.


How to WC: 2t/1.5t Teak Trees / “Tick Manipulation Isn’t Working” – Answered

A common problem (on Reddit, and in the “Skilling Methods Discord Questions Channel”) that arises from the mass of inexperienced players are the claims that their tick manipulation isn’t working. It takes time to build the muscle memory of this skilling method, but as the skiller improves (and the only real way to learn is to practise!) it eventually comes to be more natural than tying your shoelaces – and you’ll be able to do it even with your eyes closed (figuratively) too, if you put your mind to it. 
YouTube influencers of the Oldschool Runescape community often try to claim that this method and others, like 3t Barbarian Fishing are “difficult”, and the learner is “bound to make mistakes even after doing it for a long time”. I believe this is simply not true; after a certain amount of time, the rhythm will be so natural, it’ll be as if you’re tapping along to a song you enjoy. Furthermore, the most important aspect of learning to 1.5t Woodcutting is confidence. With enough belief in yourself, the learning experience will be both fast and fun, and when you’ve mastered it fully, the method itself will also be fun. If not, there’s always the option to use more AFK methods such as Redwoods, which were introduced to the game for this purpose. 

To 1.5 Tick Teaks: the method itself is simple; (what holds people back is the timing; See the playlist for this.) To set up a cycle, click your cleaned herb (Tarromin/Guam), then Tar. You’ll need to set up your chopping at the Teak trees locations, found either at Fossil Island, near its “Digsite Pendant teleport,” or Ape Atoll, with the “Monkey Madness” Quest-line complete. Click on a square which your character isn’t already standing on, click Herb>Tar once again, then back on the tree as your character reaches the next tile. Click – Herb Tar – Click Tree – repeat. 
This is due to a combination of: each in-game tick being 0.6 seconds of real-time, so 2 (or in this case, 1.5 ticks) lasting around 1 second, give or take a few seconds to compensate for the server latency, and herb-tar being a 3 Tick action which can be “buffered” or otherwise cancelled by another action, then happening as if the time had already passed in performing the action. 


Wrapping up this OSRS Article, written by PissGaming.zone (Closing Thoughts)

I hope this short, informative article has done what it set out to do, so I can leave you now one step closer to testing this method out for yourself to gain the fastest woodcutting experience in OSRS at 206k xp per hour. For a more visual guide, you may prefer to look up this method on YouTube, where it can be shown to you in video format. 
If you have further questions, or want to continue this discussion, be sure to make use of the comments section on this page – or look us up on social media. We’re here and always wanting to talk to people about Oldschool Runescape (or League of Legends)! Don’t hesitate to do so, and please, if you have feedback on this website, do let us know; good or bad, it’s invaluable information for me in my aim to provide useful OSRS content such as this guide. 

Extra: Playlist for 1.5t/2t Teaks Woodcutting – Music with BPM perfect For Rhythm

If you’re struggling to keep the tempo required for this activity, see the playlist which PissGaming is in the process of completing to click along to the tune. This also helps with making the time pass quicker while training, all the way to 99 (and having fun doing so). 

The playlist built around this method of Teaks fpr training woodcutting, and it’ll be in the comments section when it’s finished. Be sure to come back often or watch us on social to listen to know when the Tick Teaks Playlist is done, or play it through if it’s already live! 

99 Woodcutting Cape & Perk Active, standing besides the skillcape seller.
99 Woodcutting Cape & Perk Active, standing besides the skillcape seller.


This concludes our article. Thank you for reading! 

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