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For More information, This Article on “Shaco Builds/Runes for Season 11” here:



What follows is a breakdown of the information written in the sheet embedded above, picking up from where it left off. This article is written after feedbacks of the build in the relevant Shaco/League of Legends talk channels, Message Boards, Chat Rooms, Social Medias and Forums have been noted, and testing of the build through my own gameplay and of a few other players belonging to a wide range of ranks has been done enough to be able to publish this article with confidence. 

This build/path is an adaption of a classical build used in LoL seasons prior, taken into the new era of this game introduced by the item rework of Season 11, which has changed the meta build paths for many champions, including Shaco. Although the recent buffs/nerfs which change many parts of his kit have altered his playstyle (mainly his clear and the now-hated “Wraith camp” part of his gameplay in the Jungle, a topic we’ll mention later on in this article), the z+.5z build and its Runes aims to restore some of the stability in what we are familiar with, by optimizing his build and playstyle the best it can. Should it be successful in doing so, Shaco will play similar to how he has always played. 


Shaco Runes Build – Jungle (The Current Best & Reasons For)

For this build, and true for Shaco in most other cases, Hail of Blades is the optimal keystone Rune and, by taking HoB, the Domination tree minor Runes Choosing between Sudden Impact/Cheap Shot, Ravenous/Relentless Hunter, based on personal preference and game factors such as the amount of CC your team has, the starting buff, and whether or not your ADC scales into taking red buff synergising well with Shaco’s kit for more damage, through his normal gameplay.
The current meta minor Runes for Shaco in the current patch are Sudden Impact and Relentless Hunter

The Demon Jester’s secondary runes are Precision: Coup de Grace and either Triumph, or Legend Alacrity/BloodlineI like to go Triumph for the 20g bonus on a takedown as it helps snowball harder to have required items (Zeal) bought earlier, though the additional health has rarely ever been helpful with the new Omnivamp Jungle items and his box clears even in “clutch” moments of risky plays that barely worked or were close.

Shaco Runes - original
Shaco Runes for AD Jungle/ADC - s11 "z+.5z" build. This page pumps the most damage into Shaco's kit and the z+.5z build, each choice synergising with one or more of his abilities or other numbers:
  • Hail of Blades: Critical Strike % – Burst of Lethality/Boost from Q and these Auto Attacks
  • Eyeball Collection, Triumph: Scaling from Takedowns and Ward kills
  • Relentless Hunter: % Movement Speed Boost from Zeal – Boots replacement   
  • Coup de Grace: For Damage Amp on E while Q ability is boosted by the Sudden Impact Rune. 


z+.5z Shaco Build – Optimized Season 11 AD Build for Jungle, ADC, and MID

The z+.5z build has been made to counter the newly introduced weaknesses of the champion or “Jungle” role which our community is having problems with. Z+.5z provides correct stats in the numbers which matter to him the most by swapping out old items such as Tiamat for this newer, optimized, meta Shaco build. By replacing these items, the old benefits can still be had, while the parts of his kit and overall playstyle which remain strong are amplified by the build and its stats. 

The build is listed in order:

Zeal > Essence Reaver > Duskblade / Prowler's Claw (vs. Mobility/Galforce/Protobelt priority targets) > Rapidfire Cannon > Infinity Edge/Collector > Infinity Edge/Collector

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