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Before I get into this guide, which features the rune pages and a full build for AP or AD Jungle Shaco (s11), going in-depth and all the way into all which ways he can be played, such as: how & when to go AD/Oneshot AD, AP/Full AP, Tank(?); for Top, Mid, Jg… ADC(?!), I’d like to share some of the platforms ChaseShaco – real name “Chase Hintz” – uses. Soon after, I’ll cover everything else so you can understand how to play Shaco in season 11. 

Active on Twitch, Instagram, Twitter & – find and follow his social media here & find out “what is” his high elo Lethality/Crit AD Shaco Build (via the ChaseShaco OP.GG) here, on! 


"Who's the best?" VIA: @PinkWard Twitter - Pink Ward vs ChaseShaco (x2 Shaco OTPs) meet up contest (at scuttle crab)!
"Who's the best?" VIA: @PinkWard Twitter - Pink Ward vs ChaseShaco (x2 Shaco OTPs) meet up contest (at scuttle crab)!
The BEST Shaco Runes/Build for JGL in Season 11 – Chase Shaco ProBuild

Chase has invested a great deal of his own time and effort into these Jungle Shaco runes and build, using his deep knowledge of the game, his matchups, and the ever-changing meta of League of Legends to craft the most min-maxed Shaco build the game has ever seen. He’s done this for many years while consistently streaming, publishing YouTube videos, along with taking care of both his real life and in-game duties.


We therefore believe that it’s only right to provide links for the reader in aide of finding ChaseShaco on his own (social media) platforms. If you enjoy this build, if this rune page worked for you, or if you’re just curious about the current (season 11 – s11.5) best Shaco Builds, Runes, and Gameplay, and want to improve on the Demon Jester, see his socials below. 
ChaseShaco Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and inf1uence – ALL Chase Hintz Socials

You can go to his channel & Subscribe/follow Here [ChaseShaco (Shaco OTP) Twitch.TV] – and each sociali is linked above, in their respective icons. 

ChaseShaco Social Media - Twitter Profile Picture. Not the clone this time. (How can you tell which is the clone? You can't!)
ChaseShaco Social Media - Twitter Profile Picture. Not the clone this time. (How can you tell which is the clone? You can't!)
Shaco Jungle Guide: Buffs, Build (when to go AP or AD?), Tier (is he GOOD?)

Shaco is a great JGL pick for season 11, a strong meta champion with over 52% winrate (at the time of writing this) in the Jungle, and is a great pick for support, too.

A lot of people ask: “Is Shaco Good Late Game?” – He is; and, despite having the weakness of “falling off late” in both his AP and AD builds in seasons prior (season 9, even as near to us as season 10), Shaco is now a great late-game jungle/mid assassin champion, S+ or more for those who see him as worth learning, putting in the time and effort, reading time, and research required. It’s difficult to know when or why to build AP or AD, or to look up the s11 best builds (of top players- both ProBuilds & of OTPs like ChaseShaco, Pink Ward, Desperate Shaco)

So let’s look at the OP.GG of a Top/PRO Shaco player/main – ChaseShaco Shaco Build/ProBuild for s11:

A Typical ChaseShaco AD Shaco Build for Season 11
A Typical ChaseShaco AD Shaco Build for Season 11
Shaco Rune Page for Jungle (AD) - Season 11
Shaco Rune Page for Jungle (AD) - Season 11

It’s clear that Chase prefers an AD build – And for Shaco Jungle runes this season, HoB (Hail of blades) with Precision secondary, over the “meta” (and still high winrate) Inspiration secondary for this jungler. ChaseShaco also starts red buff, usually, and doesn’t require a leash, though people in his elo usually give one anyway. 

Though in Season 11, the Shaco buffs meant that he could be played either AP or AD, though ChaseShaco still goes AD Shaco in his Jungle games, most games, opting into Lethality instead of Crit Shaco in Season 11 i.e z+.5z build. 

For the other roles you can play the Demon Jester in – pronounced Sháco – see the other OTPs for Top, Mid, and Support (featuring Pink Ward for the infamous, ChaseShaco vs Pink Ward), below. 

Mid, Top, Support Shaco Runes & Build for Season 11 – OTP/ProBuilds.
  • Top – Runes & Build, OTP, Pro: Pink Ward

Nowadays, Pink Ward goes AD over AP when playing top lane, with Dark Harvest for his Rune (over JGL and HoB paired together). This is his best rune for laning – Shaco can very easily proc and scale off of Dark Harvest, so Pink Ward and Desperate Shaco both Enjoy running it. Others prefer to go tank, but this isn’t viable, and can’t be included here.

However, for a respectable Shaco player – one who’s very good at the champion, and related to ChaseShaco in being a content creator for the champion, you should check out Shaclone (who prefers Tank Shaco) – for interesting, informative gameplay. Search him up or see his YouTube here, at Shaclone YouTube.

  • Support – Runes & Build for season 11

OK, this is the only role where you can build full AP & not lose the game because of it. Pair up with a good AD, the best ADC for Shaco is Draven – Due to his high damage and “adrenaline rush” gameplay, with on-demand engage (GO IN BUTTON) on W, cc on E, to knock them into your Jack-in-The-Box – another great ADC for Shaco is Kai’Sa, due to her passive. A very strong, always meta AD carry champion, too. 

Conclusion: Shaco Kit, OTPs, ProBuilds, Runes, and his gameplay in each role

This is just about it for our guide here today. However, before the end of this text, I would like to thank the reader for clicking on our article and hope it was good enough for you to bookmark, return to PissGaming, and, most importantly, learn about Shaco! 

Again, be sure to check ChaseShaco on social medias, and Shaclone on YouTube, for more up-to-date gameplay in seasons 11 and onwards until we’re all gone, leaving some mini-boxes behind! 

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