“The Best” Shaco Builds & OP.GGs: Pinkward, ChaseShaco, Shaclone, DesperateShaco

In this article by Piss_Gaming: The best League of Legends streamers and personalities come together to form an informative list of the top Shaco OTPs. The OP.GGs, Builds, YouTube/Twitch Channels, and Other Social Media Accounts are listed for each player, for you to follow and learn from as an aspiring Shaco main. 

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know the complete bio of each player, their builds, and have links through to their OP.GG accounts. You’ll also know of the YouTube and Twitch channels ChaseShaco, PinkWard, Shaclone, DesperateShaco, upload/stream to, for a constant source of (both AD and AP builds) content/Shaco gameplay with mastery of each playstyle this champion can use which the person known for using, easily accessible to you. 


Click the image for any of the following Top Shaco Players (PinkWard, ChaseShaco, Shaclone, DesperateShaco) to be taken to their OP.GG
ChaseShaco Face/Body Image (Source: @Bobquinxd Twitter, a long-term friend of Chase)
ChaseShaco Face/Body Image (Source: @Bobquinxd Twitter, a long-term friend of Chase)
DS - DesperateShaco "One of The Best Shaco Players Out There" Logo Image (Source: DesperateShaco Twitter account/profile picture).
Shaclone - The "Toxic" Shaco Player (Image Source: Amino, Shaclone Wiki Entry)
PinkWard Profile Image (Source: FamousBirthdays/eSportsMedia.com)
Image: PinkWard Profile Image (Source: FamousBirthdays/eSportsMedia.com)
(LIST) Top Shaco Players Bios: PinkWard, ChaseShaco, Shaclone, DesperateShaco


#1: Pink Ward Bio, YouTube/Twitch Channels, and Other Socials; HIS Build/Role

PinkWard, real name “Hunter Trahan”, can be found streaming Top/Mid/Support AP Shaco on Twitch.Tv at TwitchTV/pinkwardlol. 

He’s best known for his quiet personality with infrequent but loud outbursts. He is by far the most popular Shaco OTP on Razer Synapse, which often shows his 200 IQ outplays on their League of Legends clips feed.

PinkWard Socials:
#2: Chase Shaco YouTube/Twitch Channels, Twitter, His Build, and Bio

ChaseShaco, real name “Chase Hintz”, can be found streaming his Jungle AP/AD Lethality Shaco on Twitch.Tv at TwitchTV/chaseshaco. 

He’s best known for being the rank 1, or otherwise best Shaco player on NA (and most other servers). He also describes himself as a “professional League of Legends player” – and has proven his ability to play a wide range of champions despite being an OTP Shaco main. By any means, he’s the most popular personality/OTP for the champ, and is a huge influencer within the sub-community for mains. His rank is Challenger every season regardless of the meta or strength of Shaco, a great sign of ChaseShaco being a very talented player.

ChaseShaco Socials:
#3: Shaclone Bio, his YouTube channel, and Other Socials with Build/Role

Shaclone, known as the “Toxic Shaco” (to the point of him becoming the self-proclaimed “inventor of toxicity”) can be found playing Jungle AD/TANK Shaco on YouTube, in the links through to his socials below. His real name has been carefully scrubbed from the internet, most likely to protect himself from the toxic behaviour he exhibits in-game. 

I personally believe that Shaclone gets too rough of a treatment on YouTube. His videos have a low priority on searches for him and his OTP on the video-publishing platform, but he can offer high elo League of Legends gameplay with Challenger-level Shaco mechanics to anyone still watching him in 2021.  


Shaclone Socials:
#4, Last But Not Least: DesperateShaco OP.GG, Twitch.Tv; One of The Best Shacos

DesperateShaco tends to keep his real-life name, face, etc, out of his League of Legends/Shaco internet personality. He streams AD Shaco on Twitch.TV at TwitchTV/desperateshaco and like our coverage on ChaseShaco (the other AD main), he can be found on his socials (Twitter), down below. 

I’ve included DesperateShaco here as the safest player to watch for consistent, non-toxic/no-ego gameplay, for aspiring mains to watch and learn from. He’s great at showing lower elo players how to carry with his champion, so the majority of LoL viewers will benefit from watching him

DesperateShaco Socials:
Closing: Top Shaco Player Bios: PinkWard, ChaseShaco, Shaclone, DesperateShaco

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