[OSRS] – Pure Essence Stack | 1-2 GP & Unknown/Positive Stack Cost

Note: This is an early draft of a post on an item “Pure Essence” on Oldschool Runescape It is no-where near done, but it will be finished later on some-day. It is being published now, as the prices of Pure Essence are changing , mostly, in a good way. They are healing, meaning that, they are going back up to 2-3GP margins. When this post began, they were at (dropped) 1-2GP margins. But this change in price changes how I will play this out. This post is therefore archived until further notice – for, say: if the Pure Essence item drops back down to 1-2GP ea margins. The steps taken thus far have been ones that I would call good; and though it’s a bit of a shame that I can’t explore fully, this act of the market, profit has been taken from the actions I have performed in trying to fix this stack, once

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