OSRS Crafting Guide – The “FAST and EXPENSIVE” Skill | PissGaming

This guide will cover every detail of (levelling) the Crafting skill. This includes how much Crafting costs in OSRS, how long it’ll take, why you should train this specific skill, and what you gain from reaching level 99. I’ll try to include a variety of methods whilst guiding you to help make Crafting and the rewards for reaching the highest possible level (99) accessible for all, regardless of the amount of time and money the reader does or does not have for/in Oldschool Runescape.

Shaco s11 Build Titled “z+.5z Shaco” — Optimized LoL Build | PissGaming.zone

is a breakdown of the information written in the sheet embedded above, picking up from where it left off. This article is written after feedbacks of the build in the relevant Shaco/League of Legends talk channels— Message Boards, Chat Rooms, Social Medias and Forums— have been noted, and testing of the build through my own gameplay and of a few other players belonging to a wide range of ranks has been done enough to be able to publish this article with confidence.

“What Does ‘ToB’ Mean?” — Oldschool Runescape/League of Legends Runes/PvM Acronyms

This article aims to cover everything you need to know about the Rune (League of Legends), PvM bossing activity (Oldschool Runescape), after un-shortening the phrase first to provide a quick answer to the question in case this is all you’re looking for.

“The Best” Shaco Builds & OP.GGs: Pinkward, ChaseShaco, Shaclone, DesperateShaco

In this article by Piss_Gaming: The best League of Legends streamers and personalities come together to form an informative list of the top Shaco OTPs. The OP.GGs, Builds, YouTube/Twitch Channels, and Other Social Media Accounts are listed for each player, for you to follow and learn from as an aspiring Shaco main.

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