Oldschool Runescape & League of Legends Articles For All To Enjoy

The pet website/blog pissgaming.zone has been created to house writings about different video games — there is a primary focus on Oldschool Runescape “OSRS” & League of Legends “LoL” for the large majority of this site — online, free for anyone to read, without subscription or pay-wall blocks. 

To get started: see the header at the top of this page for “League-of-Legends” and “Oldschool-Runescape” pages for posts related to those games, or you can continue reading and use the links at the bottom of the page to see if there’s anything written for you.

This website is not affiliated with piss gaming of tf2g, but prior “consent” has been given by one of their members and the general message of the group is of people simply enjoying games in their own unique way at whatever expense.

Main Topics of These Articles on Piss_Gaming, Covering Mostly LoL & OSRS:

Current topics which this website aims to cover, with others not planned (but not an impossibility), include: 

Oldschool Runescape Articles, Covering:

  • Main Accounts & Ironman Mode (Group/Normal/Hardcore/Ultimate/etc)/Niche Builds
  • OSRS Economy & Money-Making Tips, Guides, and Economic Strategy Breakdowns
  • Hot New Content Coverage & Advanced Methods of Old Content

League of Legends Articles, Covering:


  • Champion & Map (5v5) Guides
  • Builds, Items, Runes & Their Combinations
  • Deeper Insights into Abilities, Movement, etc
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